Wednesday, 21 August 2013

new george best and manchester united framed pictures

At long last l have got around to putting the above pictures into frames and sticking them in the spare room. The George Best cartoon and signature was a present from some friends (Hello Mick and Gail!) which has been rolled up in a tube for the last few years, as l wasn't that keen on the cartoon, but loved the signature and thought that had gone into getting me the pressie.
The Manchester United one l put together myself, and am already cursing as l should have put the Typhoo Tea pictures at the top in a different order, with Best and the ball in the middle.  I will do this very soon, but l am put off by the amount of time it took to hang it correctly.  However, my annoyance with it will override my laziness.  If you are sad like me, and wondering what the little pictures are, they are a complete set of the Manchester United team from the  'Soccer Stars In Action' picture stamp album from 1969/70.  I also have the album itself with all of the teams squads completed and stuck in (see below).  Told you l was sad, but l've got to occupy myself somehow.

toodle pip

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