Wednesday, 3 July 2013

suzi quatro - unzipped

As l grew up listening to the Glam sounds of the early 1970's, l picked up Suzi Quatro's 'Unzipped' from a charity shop when out and about the other day, to see if there were any great revelations about that time, and trashy gossip about the stars of the day.
Unfortunately, no there weren't (apart from a small piece on Gary Glitter), but there were some interesting stories about her early days travelling around with her sisters (and others), playing in their all girl band 'The Pleasure Seekers' and growing up to the sound of the early Doo Wop and Rock and Roll records.
Suzi was forthright about her strained relationships, both with her family and partners, but there was a bit too much hippie/new age/spiritual mumbo jumbo for my liking, and l would have preferred a straight forward account of her life, rather than it being split between 'Little Susie from Detroit' and 'Suzi Quatro'.
It was an enjoyable enough way to pass the time, but not as scandalous as l had hoped for.
Saying that, she has certainly put the hours (and years) in, and her 'Rocking with Suzi' radio show has been pretty good and informative whenever l have caught some of it, and well worth listening to.

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