Monday, 15 July 2013

following the quo

When l was young of mind and long of tooth, l often used to travel around the country to see Status Quo (and even made the papers!).  This traveling was by motorbike, train, car, hired coach or just plane old hitch hiking, and many a grand old time was had.  People may not believe it now, but Quo used to be a proper hard rocking band, but blessed with the ability to augment their heads down, no nonsense riffing with some catchy tunes. I hitched to see them in 1984 on their 'End of the Road' Tour, and also hitched to see them at their (laughably now) 'Last ever concert' at Milton Keynes Bowl.  I thought at the time it was probably a good idea to call it a day, as they had been gradually getting worse (in my eyes/ears) since 'Blue For You'.  A splendid night out could still be more or less guaranteed, but the albums had evolved into a poppier sound, which was so far away from the joy that shall forever be known as 'Piledriver', that it was hard to collate the fact they were the same band.
Nearly 30 years later - they are still going (but l am not)

toodle pip

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