Friday, 14 September 2012

x factor humiliation

Now that l have returned home, l have been tidying up, washing clothes, and catching up with the TV (while drinking wine).  Rather sadly, The X Factor was one of the shows l usually tape and flick through (not in that way) in case there is anyone good on it.  This performance above, and the reactions to it by the crowd, the panelists, and more importantly the children, have made me uneasy about watching the programme again.  Alison Brunton is obviously deluded that she can sing, and thinks she has a chance of getting into the charts.  She is mocked and then applauded, but the crowd are laughing at her, not with her.  This sort of thing often occurs on the programme, but they are dealing with real people here, and the two poor kids that are filmed cringing with embarrassment will have to put up with all the ridicule and humiliation due to it.  Brunton is an adult (although maybe barmy), and has a right to make  a fool of herself if she so wishes, but the children should not have been filmed and exploited, no matter how they try to dress it up as concern, a laugh, or 'they should be proud'.  What next?  Laughing at the (apparently) educationally or emotionally sub normal or retarded as they delude themselves they have the magical 'X' Factor?  Oh, l forgot, they do that as well.  It's my own fault for adding to the exploitation by watching it in the past, but count me out from now on.

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