Sunday, 30 September 2012

those crazy scots - meet mr bucket head

Sometimes, the Scottish are as crazy as the Japanese.  This is William Middleton, a man whose hat somehow ended up in a bin in sunny Aberdeen..  When he tried to retrieve it, Mr Middleton (you could guess it was going to happen) got his head stuck in the bin and had to be rescued by firefighters.  There's more on the story at the Scottish BBC news site here, but it doesn't mention if drink had been taken.  Naturally, l assume it had been (did l mention he's Scottish?).  The highlight for me in the story, is how a witness (who didn't want to be named) said he saw the stick and the bum sticking out, and said "that's Willie".  Maybe 'Willie' has a magnificent, pert, and memorable bum, but l'd like to imagine it's because he gets his head stuck in bins all the time. I also like the guys at the bottom of the picture, who are obviously cracking up and in creases about what an arse he looks (see what l did there?), while they also realise they have found somewhere they can park their bike.   Mr Middleton is now known as 'Bucket head'.  He is 53.

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