Thursday, 20 September 2012

jacks gone missing and the rabbits arse is clean

Well. there's a big mystery at the moment, as our cat Jack seems to have disappeared.  She is 22 and is on her last legs, deaf and half blind (it's an old photograph above), but she appears to have buggered off somewhere to die.  This took us by surprise as she has not gone out of the cat flap for about six months, and was her usual self (batty and wobbly) last night, but we can't find her anywhere in the house or around the garden.  The FPO has been out leafleting, but we don't hold out much in the way of success. I just hope it was quick.

On a related note, we spent ages cleaning the crap from the idiots rabbits arse last night, and even gave him a bath to clean him up.  He was chuntering away, clean as a whistle in the living room afterwards, but we're cutting his nails on Sunday (after the football).  That will please him.

toodle pip

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