Wednesday, 19 September 2012

inside hitler's germany - mathew hughes and chris mann

As it says on the front, 'Inside Hitler's Germany' tells of the events leading up to the Second World War and the aftermath of the First World War, and how the populous was treated, educated, encouraged to obey, tow the line, and to hate.  Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party get progressively stronger as depression takes hold, as he promises a better future for the country, and most are prepared to believe him, as there is little else for them that is working.  It obviously all goes wrong and lots of people suffer and die (including the German people), but it's interesting to read of how society can be manipulated and encouraged to discriminate against others, such as, in the German case, Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals and those with physical or mental ailments, until the final conclusion of the death/extermination camps and Germany's defeat.  This can easily be repeated, so don't forget your history brothers and sisters, or you'll be like a vegetable in this society (Misty in Roots).

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