Saturday, 1 September 2012

gina rinehart tells the poor how to get rich

This sort of story is priceless for an old Socialist like myself.  Gina Rinehart, an Australian mining tycoon (of Hancock Prospecting), who is the worlds richest woman, has told the poor that they should stop smoking, drinking and socialising so much, stop being jealous of the rich, and spend more time working. "There is no monopoly on becoming a millionaire"  according to her, and the poor should stop complaining.   This is from a woman who is for lower minimum wages and less tax.  How did she become rich?  She might have worked hard and invested well, but it helps if daddy leaves you $75 million, which coincidentally, is what happened to her (and she has definitely been sitting around eating and drinking a lot).

Perhaps if the poor in Australia got together, went on strike, and refused to work for crappy wages (including in her mines) they would improve their status and monetary gain immediately (as long as they stuck together).  How about them taking over the mines and getting rid of her, and then running them as collectives, so everybody gets a share in the profits?  That would certainly help the poor and redistribute the wealth.  I would not advocate killing her or violence of any sort to remove her from her no doubt enormous homes and leadership job, but l wouldn't lose any sleep if that happened.  In fact l would rejoice - like Nazareth themselves (Loud and Proud).

Time for an uprising - once again the rich are taking the piss.

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