Friday, 1 June 2012

jonah hex (2010) - jimmy hayward

Although Jonah Hex has been panned by the critics, l rather enjoyed it. Based (loosely) on the DC comic books, the FPO was complaining that the story wasn't clear at the beginning (which it wan't), but it was gradually explained as the movie went along. A disfigured bounty hunter, Jonah (Josh Brolin) and his prostitute sweetheart (Megan Fox) try to foil his evil arch enemy Quentin Turnbull  (John Malkovich) from ruining the USA centenary celebrations.  There's more than that, as Jonah re-animates and talks to the dead, does loads of killing while looking cool,  and also makes himself a friend in a raggedy old dog.  The make up on Brolin was excellent, and the musical soundtrack was pretty spot on.  Pure escapism, but better than most comic book adaptations l have seen (Hello Captain America, l'm talking about you).

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