Thursday, 28 June 2012

geronimo (1962) - arnold laven

 The real Geronimo

Geronimo, played by the blue eyed Chuck Conners, surrenders to the army for a life in the reservation, but rebels against the way the Apache were treated, going on the run with his small band of followers, before gaining respect and surrendering again. Conners certainly looked the part (although he should have worn some contact lenses), but it was not exactly historically believable. The films dialogue and acting was often wooden, and pretty much all the white men were baddies (apart from Adam West - AKA Batman). At least it gave the Apaches point of view, which was rare back in the day. Conners later married his love interest in the film, Kamala Devi, and she really reminded me of Samantha (In Sex and the City) and Jenna (In 30 Rock). Maybe she is secretly their mothers (or at least one of them).
Geronimo (and his life), is well worth checking out, and it's amazing that he didn't die until 1909 (of pneumonia). That is just before The First World War. As l've often said, the past is not that far away. Saying that, Conners life, both as a sportsman and actor was also pretty impressive.
Now l might go and dig out the old 'Branded' TV series that l have on DVD and give that a dusting off. It's much better.

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