Tuesday, 26 June 2012

brough hall, catterick

When l was a young lad (OK, in my 20's), myself and other members of the 'Colburn Popular Front' used to go to Brough Hall at Catterick for a wander round, as it had been derelict for years, was all boarded up and falling apart, and it was pretty spooky down there in the middle of the night. Years later and what's happened? It's been tarted up and gentrified, is now divided up into separate accommodations and is private property. Christ on a bike, even William Hague lives there (probably so he can still be 'part of the community' around Catterick/Richmond, where he is an MP). Look on my brothers and viddy this well. If he ever starts harping on about living by a large council estate, this is what he means. He is not roughing it, l can assure you, even though the closest l have come to living there was when myself and a friend got employed to clean the windows as it was being restored, l can vouch that it is very posh inside.
I also get chased away from that area years ago, and it was the most frightening night of my life, but that's for another time.

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