Monday, 14 May 2012

the question - epitaph for a hero - dennis o'neil

Although 'The Question' is a Charlton Comics  Steve Ditko (a God of the comic world) creation from 1967, l had not read any of the Question comics until now. This is the later DC  series by Dennis O'Neil, and l was pleasantly surprised, as it was a reminder of the old school comics that l loved. Vic Sage (real name Charles Victor Szasz) is a newsreader who dons a blank faced mask to go crime fighting as the Question (I know..I know). The stories were interesting, and there were plenty of philosophical quotes from the likes of  Sun Tzu's 'The Art Of War' (so right up my street then). There was a great story concerning a racist and the killings of blacks, and even a story where Vic Sage reads Watchmen while on a plane, and identifies with Rorschach (for a while). For those not in the know, Alan Moore was going to use The Question as one of the characters in Watchmen, but was asked to create another (Rorschach), as he was going to be killed off.
All marvellous stuff, l'm sure you would agree.

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