Sunday, 6 May 2012

henry fool (1997) - hal hartley

I really enjoyed Henry Fool, and l am going to check out more of Hal Hartley's films when the chance arises (especially the sequel, Fay Grim).  l am all for deadpan acting, with some clever, interesting and philosophical dialogue,  and there was plenty of that in this film. The Henry of the title drifts into town and meets Simon Grim, an awkward and socially inept refuse man, who he then persuades to write the 'Great American Novel'. Grim (and especially his family) are unsure at first, but he eventually starts, and it is met with mixed reactions. Some think it (and he) is brilliant, some think it is badly written and pornographic (and a bad influence on 'the kids'). The charismatic and intelligent Henry persuades him to stick to it, and the novel is eventually published to great success. While this is going on, Henry has his own writings (The confessions) rejected, and he goes into a downward spiral, which includes admitting to being a paedophile, having sex with Grim's mother, and then marrying Grim's sister. There's more to the movie than that, and it including the longest and noisiest bowel movement l have seen (apart from myself), which was pretty funny. Slightly too long, but worth the effort (the film and the bowel movement).

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