Thursday, 19 April 2012

the ox bw incident (1943) - william a wellman

The Ox Bow Incident stars Henry Fonda and Harry Morgan (as Gil Carter and Art Croft) and sees then getting dragged along to assist in some rough justice and a lynching by an angry mob from Bridger's Wells, where they had been drinking. The three men about to be lynched plead there innocence, but have a hard time convincing the mob.
It's about justice, racism, giving a man a fair trial, family expectations, bravado, the power of a mob, and who will stand against then and do the right thing, especially if it means putting themselves in danger.
It doesn't end well.
It was good to see Harry Morgan in a different role, as l was used to seeing him in M*A*S*H from when l were but a nipper, and l love watching Henry Fonda when he plays cowboys (he has such expressive and solemn eyes).
Another classic.

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