Friday, 6 April 2012

billy two hats (1974) - ted kotcheff

Starring Gregory Peck as 'Arch', a 'hoots mon, it's a braw bricht moonlicht nicht taenicht' Scottish outlaw and Desi Arnaz, Jr as his half breed mate (the Billy Two Hats of the title). They are pursued across the desert by Gifford, a mean old sheriff (Jack Warden), who can't understand why they are so close to one another, when they are not related. Peck's Scottish accent is pretty broad and kind of unbelievable coming from him, and Arnaz is better at acting when he is just being silent and moody, rather than trying to get the dialogue across convincingly (which he fails to do). Warden however, is excellent. Rugged, old, bitter and looking for retribution. There is also an appearance by four whisky loving Indians, Copeland, an old timer (David Huddleston) who helps the sheriff out (by shooting and wounding Peck), and (of course), there is a love interest (Sian Barbara Allen) for Arnaz. Superb (if you are into old school westerns).

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