Monday, 23 January 2012

the stone roses show their age

And talking of being an old git (see last post), l was looking at this photograph from  The Stone Roses reformation that was announced recently.
I have blogged about how l wasn't too enamoured about the reformation before, but this picture just made me think about them (and everyone else of course) ageing, as they're certainly not the sprightly young whipper-snappers they used to be.
Then again, who is? After all, it was 20 years ago when they were top of the world, and no-one could expect them to look the same, in fact it would be freaky if they did (look at Cliff Richard).
It does however, make one pine for the days of unblemished youth, innocent times, and a rosy future ahead.

Hold on, l can't ever remember living in that time.
It must have been the drugs - l blame The Stone Roses (tidied that post up nicely).

toodle pip

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