Sunday, 8 January 2012

sammy hagar - red - my uncensored life in rock

Red (written with Joel Selvin)  is a book l would not normally have purchased, but as it was on a disc l have with loads of Kindle books on, l thought l might as well give it a go, as l used to like Sammy Hagar back in the day, especially when he was singing for Montrose. It is actually one of the better autobiographies  l have read, as he is certainly honest about stuff, including his own infidelities and dealing with his mentally unstable wife. He also had a really poor and fucked up childhood, but has succeeded in becoming outrageously successful, not just as a singer (solo and with Van Halen), but with a Cabo Wabo tequila business (amongst many others). There are some great tales about how messed up Eddie Van Halen (and his brother) are, some good put downs of Dave Le Roth, and another insight into the wonderful and madcap world of Keith Richards. Slightly too much about 'we were the biggest band in the world', but that is forgiven due to the rest of the content. Recommended, even if you have never heard of him before.

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