Friday, 27 January 2012

killing bono (2011) - nick hamm

Starting in the late 1970's, this is the tale of two brothers trying to make it big in their band, but being dwarfed by the accomplishments of their former school friends, U2 (and especially Bono). Based on the book 'Killing Bono - I was Bono's doppelgänger' by Neil McCormick, Killing Bono has a similar feel to 'The Commitments' about it. Now this may be lazy stereotyping on my part, as they both feature Irish youngsters in bands trying to succeed, with some humour and music thrown in, but what the Hell, that's the view I'm taking. Ben Barnes and Robert Sheehan star as Neil and Ivan McCormick, the brothers trying to make it, but, unknown to Ivan, his brother Neil had persuaded Bono not to let him join U2 in the early days, when Ivan was practising with them, as he wanted to be successful on their own terms, and be better and bigger than U2. Misfortune also follows the brothers along the way, with disastrous double bookings and mishaps. They also get involved with Danny Machin, an Irish gangster (played superbly by Stanley Townsend), and Neil turns down the chance to support U2 at their homecoming Croke Park gig in 1987. There are band fights and break ups, some romance (and break ups), and lots and lots of bickering. Pretty good though.

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