Monday, 19 December 2011

todd mclellan photgraphs and the new dvd player

I have just been trying to connect a new (but reasonably cheap) DVD player and discovered the Scart socket at the back is loose so l cannot get a proper connection. What a pain in the backside, as l can't stomach the thought of having to send it back for a replacement, which obviously won't come until after Christmas. I am therefore thinking about taking it apart and putting in a new Scart socket myself, something l have never done before, but as l am a pretty confident person most of the time (and reasonably bright), l reckon l can work it out, and use the Scart from the old one.
I am pretty sure l wont be as tidy as the above photographs, which are by Todd McLellan, who takes items apart and then photographs them, but l do relish a challenge.
Let's hope it doesn't all end in tears.

toodle pip

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