Friday, 23 December 2011

nowhere boy (2009 ) - sam taylor-wood

Focusing on John Lennon's teenage years and the tug of love between his prim and proper Aunt Mimi, and Julia, his fun-loving mother, up to the trip first to Hamburg, Nowhere Boy was a let down to me. I thought it was too obvious in places, presented a version of Liverpool that was a lot tidier and cleaner  than it is/was, and his mother was just waaaaay to wacky and joyful, or depressed. The first meetings with Paul and George, although based on facts, did not ring true with the acting, and the crazy way it was portrayed when they were riding the buses, or swapping the record, also seemed unbelievable, even though those kind of things happened. Most of it just seemed false, which is a hard thing to aim at a film based on well known facts.

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