Monday, 12 September 2011

superheavy - miracle worker

This has been getting a bit of a kicking on some forums, but l quite like it (bit of a mixture, and better than most of Jagger's solo stuff).
Apart from Mick's suit and crappy trainers, he is looking more and more like a skinny version of Herman Munster, especially when they laugh a lot. Not a good look, but l suppose at least he hasn't (I think) resorted to plastic surgery to try and look young.
It's annoying that they can just be lent a 414 foot mega yacht to record on though.

'Paul Allen lent us his boat (a 414ft mega yacht called Octopus with two helicopters, two submarines and a jet-ski dock). Mick would check in under names like Mr Gibson 3.3 - all very Ocean's Eleven,' said Dave Stewart

Rich bastards!!!!!!
Why is it so often the case that rich people who can afford stuff, get really expensive (to you and me) things for free.
I hate them all

toodle pip

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