Friday, 30 September 2011

red - gary neville

Gary Neville is certainly someone who divides opinion (a bit like Robbie Savage). Manchester United fans love him and Liverpool fans hate him (Gary Neville is a red - he hates scousers). England fans have certainly given him (and his brother - and Beckham) a hard time over the years, so he has some bad memories of playing for them, and admits he would rather do better for United than England (which l admire), but was still proud to play for his country. I'm on the love side of any argument, as he is United through and through, and it was a shame his career petered out through injuries and becoming slower. There was not a lot in the book l didn't already know, but l liked it anyway, as it is always good to hear accounts of the Gods such as Cantona. The main revelation was about how the youth team used to play tricks on each other, as the stories about the England set up/farce is well known. He repeats that the players wanted Venables to stay on as manager after 1996, and thought it was madness he was not kept on, thanks to the FA (who he has no time at all for). Not too much dirt is spilt, but if you support Manchester United, it is always worth reading for another view of the situation behind closed doors (and more confirmation that Sir Alex Ferguson is the hardest working man going). Oh, and he even has some good words about Liverpool.

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