Saturday, 2 July 2011

the lovely bones

Watched this with the FPO last night and was mightily disappointed with it. This is the
Peter Jackson film of the book (2002) by Alice Sebold. I really liked the first half of the book, but thought it got weaker and weaker as it went on. The film was just rubbish. It looked really arty and there were some great shots and colours, but the storyline was a mess and some of it was unbelievable. I certainly can't believe that a dungeon could have been built in front of the houses, as depicted in the film. How did he dig something that big without anyone from the houses spotting it? Where did he put all the earth? Stanley Tucci recieved a lot of praise for his portrayal of George Harvey, but l didn't like it myself, as it seemed too heavy handed, too odd. Saoirse Ronan (Susan Salmon), was good, but it was all too airy fairy/hippyish for me. What a let down.

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