Monday, 25 July 2011

charlie brooker writes about the norway killings

So, the events in Norway on Friday turn out to be by a Norwegian citizen, rather than by Al Qaeda. What a surprise (see earlier post). Charlie Brooker writes about it a lot more eloquently than l could ever envisage
and nails it with his assessment of the (so called) experts when he states :

'If anyone reading this runs a news channel, please, don't clog the airwaves with fact-free conjecture unless you're going to replace the word "expert" with "guesser" and the word "speculate" with "guess", so it'll be absolutely clear that when the anchor asks the expert to speculate, they're actually just asking a guesser to guess. Also, choose better guessers. Your guessers were terrible, like toddlers hypothesising how a helicopter works. I don't know anything about international terrorism, but even I outguessed them'.

A voice of reason, backing up my ideas and cynisism, which pleased me no end. Experts! Pah!!

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