Sunday, 17 June 2018

some batman graphic novels

Through a work assignment, I recently found myself in Richmond library for the first time in ages, and while l was pottering around in there, decided to get out some recent (ish) Batman Graphic novels for a bit of light reading.
I used to read a lot of Batman comics when l was younger, but haven't followed his exploits for years, although l have occasionally dipped my toe in the water. Therefore l was completely out of touch with developments reading these, but all can be read as stand alone stories.
Here's some thoughts on them. More scans from all of them can be found here. 

Batman and Robin

I still think of the old Dick Grayson Robin with Batman, but this has Damian's (a new one) story, and includes other older Robins, plus the rivalry between them.
Damian (as you would expect) is a bit of a bastard, but the story ending is pretty moving, especially if your a blubbery (in more ways than one) old sap like me. Very well written.
I know Batman has had cars and flash weapons at his disposal over the years, but to me, what makes him different, is he is just a normal guy who has trained himself to fight crime. Even Spiderman was bitten by a radioactive spider and gained powers. They should leave flying off into space to other superheroes, otherwise Batman will become just like them, and it dilutes his original appeal.

Batman  Heart of Hush

Batman's story of his long friendship and later battle with Tommy, plus a love story with Selina (not Tommy).
Also pretty moving, and interesting to someone like me who didn't know the back story.

Batman   RIP
Batman loses his marbles - what more do you want?
Also very well written

Batman   Gordon of Gotham

I was pretty sceptical of this one, as l'm not too keen on too many spin offs, but it was pretty good, especially the end parts when Gordon struggles with right and wrong moral decisions, but l preferred the other books.
I originally typed l preferred the other boobs instead of books by mistake -  a classic Freudian slip up!!

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