Saturday, 25 November 2017

out and about - left lane cruiser

Myself and friends tend to just buy a few tickets for things we like, then get a selection of the lads who are interested or can get the time off work to come along with us. 
One such occasion was this - Left Lane Cruiser at The Cluny in Newcastle. 
We knew it would be a small venue and they sounded a bit like Seasick Steve, but it was much better than anticipated, and they may as well have been playing in my living room, they were that close to us (and loud).
I very rarely buy any merchandise these days, but to support them and their musical endeavours, l lashed out on an LP (which l later got signed by them) and a t-shirt. 
Top lads, top music, top night, and a hefty spend at the bars, as seen by my bank statement (and that's without the merchandise purchases!).

The video demonstrates what they were like, but doesn't catch the magic of being there. Go see them!

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