Thursday, 18 May 2017

chris cornell has died

I can't really say that l am too surprised that Chris Cornell has died at such an early age earlier today, but it is still such a fucking waste. I'd only just read an old interview with him (in 'Classic Rock' magazine) a couple of days ago when he was talking about trying to stay clean, but it was obvious to anyone that he had a lot of issues (to say the least), and it highlights once again that fame and fortune is not the answer to deep rooted problems (although it can certainly help).
A lot of people would never of heard of him and won't know what the fuss is about, but he was one of the best rock / punk / grunge vocalists since the genres were invented. It was only a couple of weeks ago that the barman in Rachel's Bar (Sticky Fingers) in Middlesbrough was telling myself and buddies that Chris was his favourite artist. He was, to many, an icon.

Here's when l first got to hear him - Temple of the Dog's 'Hunger Strike', featuring another superb vocalist, a certain Mr Eddie Vedder.

Here's an excellent acoustic version of Sinead O'Connor's / Prince's 'Nothing Compares To You'

And lastly, another oldie from Temple of The Dog - 'Say Hello To Heaven'

All of these goodies, and no mention of his work with Soundgarden etc

For those that are interested, thee's a pretty fine acoustic concert available for download here. Don't tell the filth.
Nearly forgot - the password is zinhof and it's from this site.

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