Sunday, 21 May 2017

mr parrot dances to the new york dolls and my flip video is back!

It's been nearly three years since l lost my flip video machine, but yesterday, l found it. I actually lost one of my mobile phones yesterday, so rang the number, to discover it had fallen down the back of the settee. Now when you feel down there, after a certain bit it feels like anything down there would fall onto the floor, but l discovered there is another sheet which traps things, such as my phone, and, after searching around some more, my flip video. Hurrah!
I knew l hadn't thrown it out and it must be somewhere l hadn't thought of (I'd already searched down the back of the settee), but it had been driving me mad / madder.
It's now charged up again, and this was the last thing filmed on it.  Mr Parrot getting exited when l put on The New York Dolls. Sadly, he stops when l start filming him.
He's a parrot with taste.

toodle pip

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