Wednesday, 24 May 2017

big game animals get revenge in zimbabwe

It's always pleasing when Karma  strikes in the way you would have wished for.
Theunis Botha recruited and took people on hunting trips for big game. He was apparently hunting elephants in Zimbabwe when some of them panicked, one picked him up, was shot at, and then killed Botha by falling on him.
Sad news indeed for his wife and family, but if more of these instances took place, and more hunters and guides were killed, perhaps there would be less photographs of hunters astride or next to the dead animals they have so 'bravely' killed using their high powered long rang rifles, after the likes of Botha and his dogs have scared the animals and chased them towards the hunters.
Bunch of bastards all of them, and it's about time the animals got some revenge.
He knew the risks, and l have no sympathy for him. Pity more of the hunters weren't taken out at the same time.
More on the story here.

One less hunter

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