Thursday, 11 May 2017

a girl walks home alone at night and white lines, plus clubbed to death (lola) and rob dougan

I stayed up last night until the early hours and watched my recording of 'A girl walks home alone at night' an Iranian film from 2014, and was so glad l did, as it was one of the best films l've ever seen.
Bear in mind that l enjoy films which are foreign, slow paced and quirky, subtitled, and unlike other films. Oh, and with a good soundtrack if possible. This film ticked all of the boxes to the degree that l have not deleted it yet, as l will watch it again pretty soon, probably more than once (because that's how sad l am).
One of the best uses of music in a scene was the one below, 'Death' by White Lies, which was not just atmospheric, but really moving, especially if you knew what went on before this scene. I think l may even have got a bit of dust in my eye while watching.

Go check out the film, and put on subtitles to understand the lyrics of the foreign songs to enhance the experience.

On a related note, the atmospheric combination of music and a slow paced scene from above reminded me of another classic by Rob Dougan from the French film, 'Clubbed to Death / Lola (im Technoland)' - 'Furious Angels'. A film l first watched years ago, alone at night and on acid. I absolutely loved it (still do), and l cried like a baby at this scene. Happy days!
Remember kids - don't do drugs.
Compare and contrast.

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