Saturday, 27 May 2017

michael fallon talks shite

As usual, the Tory's talk shite.
This time it's Michael Fallon looking for any excuse to slag of Jeremy Corbyn, including getting it wrong when he rubbishes Boris Johnson's views, and refusing to accept that Corbyn may agree with some of his own views.
VOTE LABOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

big game animals get revenge in zimbabwe

It's always pleasing when Karma  strikes in the way you would have wished for.
Theunis Botha recruited and took people on hunting trips for big game. He was apparently hunting elephants in Zimbabwe when some of them panicked, one picked him up, was shot at, and then killed Botha by falling on him.
Sad news indeed for his wife and family, but if more of these instances took place, and more hunters and guides were killed, perhaps there would be less photographs of hunters astride or next to the dead animals they have so 'bravely' killed using their high powered long rang rifles, after the likes of Botha and his dogs have scared the animals and chased them towards the hunters.
Bunch of bastards all of them, and it's about time the animals got some revenge.
He knew the risks, and l have no sympathy for him. Pity more of the hunters weren't taken out at the same time.
More on the story here.

One less hunter

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Sunday, 21 May 2017

ready for the election run up with frank sinatra and high hopes

My new t-shirt arrived yesterday, so l'm ready for the election run up. Rather sadly, l may have to get as much wear as l can out of it before then, as it may be a bit redundant afterwards.
Still - like that little ant and the rubber tree, l've got high hopes!
More are available here.

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alabama 3 at stockton

Forgot to mention that myself and some mates went to see Alabama 3 a couple of weeks ago, and we all thought they were one of the best bands we had seen.
It may have had to do with the fact that  we were right down the front at a small club with the full band experience, plus we had been out all day (it got a bit 'messy'), but it was magnificent.
A video can never recapture the experience, but go and see if them if you get the chance.
Here they are live in Sydney.

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mr parrot dances to the new york dolls and my flip video is back!

It's been nearly three years since l lost my flip video machine, but yesterday, l found it. I actually lost one of my mobile phones yesterday, so rang the number, to discover it had fallen down the back of the settee. Now when you feel down there, after a certain bit it feels like anything down there would fall onto the floor, but l discovered there is another sheet which traps things, such as my phone, and, after searching around some more, my flip video. Hurrah!
I knew l hadn't thrown it out and it must be somewhere l hadn't thought of (I'd already searched down the back of the settee), but it had been driving me mad / madder.
It's now charged up again, and this was the last thing filmed on it.  Mr Parrot getting exited when l put on The New York Dolls. Sadly, he stops when l start filming him.
He's a parrot with taste.

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Saturday, 20 May 2017

unknown autographs from test cricket?

As well as the mountains of personal junk that l have accumulated over the years, due to being a sad bastard, l have also bought extra bits and pieces. Today l discovered these in the pages of a magazine. Two tickets for England test matches in 1980 and 1985 (in fact there are two pairs of tickets), plus a cardboard sheet with two pages of autographs. 
Now l know nothing about cricket (and care less about it), and these were not mine, but l am curious as to where the autographs are from, and who they are.
On the other hand, l also can't be bothered searching that much. l've got things to do, fish to fry, and life's too short.

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1980's bands prevent crime

This is a surprise, l thought New Order had split up.
Apparently Haircut 100 are being drafted in to take care of the NHS computer hackers.

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johnny hart's bc books imitate life

I'm still sorting out the bleeding garage, and earlier today l found a load of old Charlie Brown / Peanuts and Johnny Hart's BC / The King Is A Fink books. Some l've had to throw out as they were water damaged, but flicking through this BC book, it was as if someone had been spying on me and Mr Parrot.

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c'mon kids - register to vote!

Jonathan Pie tries to persuade the young to vote. As usual, he nails it.
More from him here.
Great stuff.

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the gardening is on hold

I was trying to be a good lad and crack on with grass cutting the other day, as l had paid someone to strim it the week before, and didn't want it getting too long again before cutting it properly.
However.....when l went to the shed to get the lawnmower out, there was (unexpectedly) a load of free cds and beer left for me. I worked out it was probably from a mate in Darlington, and when l texted him, that turned out to be the case (Hello Stevie boy!).
A pleasant surprise, the rest of the afternoon was sorted, and the garden had to wait a while longer.

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mr parrot's a music critic

This is what happens if you leave records unattended with Mr Parrot wandering around.
I thought he was being a bit quiet and probably up to no good.
How right l was.

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Thursday, 18 May 2017

chris cornell has died

I can't really say that l am too surprised that Chris Cornell has died at such an early age earlier today, but it is still such a fucking waste. I'd only just read an old interview with him (in 'Classic Rock' magazine) a couple of days ago when he was talking about trying to stay clean, but it was obvious to anyone that he had a lot of issues (to say the least), and it highlights once again that fame and fortune is not the answer to deep rooted problems (although it can certainly help).
A lot of people would never of heard of him and won't know what the fuss is about, but he was one of the best rock / punk / grunge vocalists since the genres were invented. It was only a couple of weeks ago that the barman in Rachel's Bar (Sticky Fingers) in Middlesbrough was telling myself and buddies that Chris was his favourite artist. He was, to many, an icon.

Here's when l first got to hear him - Temple of the Dog's 'Hunger Strike', featuring another superb vocalist, a certain Mr Eddie Vedder.

Here's an excellent acoustic version of Sinead O'Connor's / Prince's 'Nothing Compares To You'

And lastly, another oldie from Temple of The Dog - 'Say Hello To Heaven'

All of these goodies, and no mention of his work with Soundgarden etc

For those that are interested, thee's a pretty fine acoustic concert available for download here. Don't tell the filth.
Nearly forgot - the password is zinhof and it's from this site.

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Thursday, 11 May 2017

a girl walks home alone at night and white lines, plus clubbed to death (lola) and rob dougan

I stayed up last night until the early hours and watched my recording of 'A girl walks home alone at night' an Iranian film from 2014, and was so glad l did, as it was one of the best films l've ever seen.
Bear in mind that l enjoy films which are foreign, slow paced and quirky, subtitled, and unlike other films. Oh, and with a good soundtrack if possible. This film ticked all of the boxes to the degree that l have not deleted it yet, as l will watch it again pretty soon, probably more than once (because that's how sad l am).
One of the best uses of music in a scene was the one below, 'Death' by White Lies, which was not just atmospheric, but really moving, especially if you knew what went on before this scene. I think l may even have got a bit of dust in my eye while watching.

Go check out the film, and put on subtitles to understand the lyrics of the foreign songs to enhance the experience.

On a related note, the atmospheric combination of music and a slow paced scene from above reminded me of another classic by Rob Dougan from the French film, 'Clubbed to Death / Lola (im Technoland)' - 'Furious Angels'. A film l first watched years ago, alone at night and on acid. I absolutely loved it (still do), and l cried like a baby at this scene. Happy days!
Remember kids - don't do drugs.
Compare and contrast.

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the handsome family on the simpsons - far from any road and weightless again

Watching a repeat of The Simpsons tonight, and this song came on during an extra segment at the end, after most of the credits had already been shown.
A moody and atmospheric little number by The Handsome Family, 'Far from any road', which was the theme music to the True Detective series. 'Weightless again' used to be my favourite song of theirs, but this has maybe surpassed it.
However, both are great.

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Friday, 5 May 2017

the house is more of a mess than usual

Apart from all of the hard work involved in cleaning out the garage, it's the long hours l'm having to put in to sort of some of the stuff from in there. Sadly, that means that the home has been more of a mess than usual for the last few days.
Then again, it's also been great, discovering things l had forgotten about, and luckily, because l am such a sad geek, l had wrapped items up well, so they are mainly in excellent condition.

 The living room looking clean

Not so clean while trying to sort some of the stuff out

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spider alert

A more than usual scary looking spider in the garage. It wasn't very big compared to some of the monsters in there, but l certainly didn't like the look of it.
It has now ceased to be, so panic over.

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beer dilema

Since l've had a new garage door fitted, l've been crapping myself (due to fear of spiders) cleaning it out. Thirsty and dusty work, but at least l've discovered some beers left in the spare fridge in there. They do however, have an expiry date that was eight years ago.
Mmmmmmmmm...shall l risk it?

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