Sunday, 8 January 2017

Joe's dead

First post of the New Year, and it's more bad news.
Joe, who was originally a friend of my fathers, and a man who had outlived just about everyone he knew (apart from young whippersnappers like me) died on the 29th Dec.
The top picture is Joe pretending to be dead as a photograph was taken in the pub. The bottom one is his empty chair, with one of his hats, where he used to sit and drink copious amounts of whisky and ginger with me.
An ex boxer, wrestler, promoter (plus loads of hands on manual type work), raconteur, bullshitter and one of the brightest, hardest, and kindest people l have ever met. As an example, he used to own properties that he rented out for years. Rather than continuing with the rents, or selling the properties, he let the long time occupiers have them. He also bought shoes etc for poor friends of mine years ago when their father kept getting locked up, and took them camping and walking (and no, nothing dodgy went on).
Sandy (or as Joe called him 'Soft Cock'), his old dog, had loads of character, and so did Joe.
Although he had issues with his leg that kept him indoors for the last years of his life, he will be remembered and missed by many.
He used to say that he got on better with me than anyone else, and felt we were on the same wavelength, and considered us kindred spirits. Pisstaking bright guys who could take any jokes or insults hurled at us, and respond in kind.
I would say that he was a one off, but can confirm that he enjoyed his life more than most.

toodle pip

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