Thursday, 28 December 2017

unsuspected filming

Looks like someone's filmed me when l wasn't expecting it!
A hilarious clip from the Shaun the Sheep movie

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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

haircut time again

This may not look like a lot of hair, but trust me, it is. Just the thing to do as the weather gets colder!
 l am now training my remaining hair to adapt to a new style.

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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

shaun ryder on ecstasy and god's copper

Amongst the many books l've read recently, one was Shaun Ryder's autobiography, 'Twisting my Melon'. In it, he repeats what l (and many others) have been saying for years about ecstasy making people friendlier and it doing away with most of the football violence and general fighting on a night out. As he states, it's now a cliche as it's so well accepted amongst any right thinking folk.
Sadly, as the big clubs and raves are dying out, ecstasy use is being replaced by other drugs such as cocaine, and the football violence is coming back. Time for a revival methinks.
Also, the Anderton he refers to was James Anderton, the chief constable of police for Manchester, who was known as 'God's Copper', due to him stating that he had a direct line to God, which affected his views on morality.

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the chuckle brothers in funny incident shock

While l don't find The Chuckle Brothers funny in any way, shape, or form, this photograph of them meeting a fan always makes me laugh.
An outstanding optical illusion - look closely!

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Monday, 4 December 2017

the guardian christmas party

An excellent tweet from Steve Stewart-Williams

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bbc head of crm post available

Thinking of working at the BBC?
There's a job going as head of CRM, l assume to any management geek that can even understand what the job entails.
I'm sad to report that my licence fee pays for this kind of management gobbledygook.
More information here.

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david brent's sausage party

These pictures are probably old news now, but l never got around to posting them when l first got them. Ricky Gervais as David Brent, for sale in the shops, but looking suggestive next to Sausage Party, followed by a tweet from Ricky himself.

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two poems - drunk and dusting

Two poems l can relate to, although l can't remember where l got the top one from.

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evil cat - hugleikur dagsson

Nothing to say about this really, apart from it made me laugh, and obviously appealed to my sense of humour!
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mr udine's one wheeled motorcycle

You've got to love a maverick, especially a maverick inventor. Here's M'G de Udine, with his one wheeled motorcycle in 1931.
You may think that Mr Udine and his bike look ridiculous, but it could reach speeds of 90 miles per hour.
No wonder he looks pleased with himself, although l bet his trousers are brown.

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the end of the world - donald trump style

As the good old United States of America seems to be heading slowly towards a war in Korea (again), while trying to tell the Chinese what to do, it highlights how prescient this front cover of Donald Trump was by Der Speigel. If you can't guess what it says, despite the self explanatory cover, it's forecasting the end of the world.

Maybe l should start digging one of these in the back garden - an ideal First World War trench. Then again - sod it - too many spiders for my liking.
I'll be in the pub when the big bomb goes off.

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sinkholes - sucked to death

Once again, it may be my dirty mind, but l reckon the TV producers of this series are having a laugh with the title.
Either that or they overheard us guys joking about being sucked to death in Amsterdam a few years ago, when we saw a dazed and confused guy being assisted to his feet by the police, looking very skinny and on his last legs.
But happy.

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Sunday, 3 December 2017

the living room has got bigger

Messing around with the new phone.
My living room appears to have increased in size.

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the sex robots are coming

A documentary about how the sex robots are on their way.
About bleeding time, even if it did feature some very sad individuals!

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out and about - the beatles and the stones in stockton

Once more, out and about, this time to see The Stones, as you may well have guessed, a Rolling Stones tribute band, at Ku in Stockton. The singer didn't sound a lot like Mick Jagger, but we still had a great night, and we were also treated beforehand to a stripped down version of Beatles songs done acoustically. The Beatles part of the show sounded more like them, but we prefered the Stones, as the songs are better.
This was also after watching Manchester United beat Arsenal, and myself and Robbo beating lads at pool in dodgy bars before the gig.
Here's a video l made at the show.

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Saturday, 25 November 2017

working through problems

I didn't make this, but it sums up my attitude to problems perfectly.

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savings at tesco

After calling in at the local Tesco's for some shopping, l got home to discover that on my spend of nearly £65, l had saved 29 pence on branded items.
I'm in the money, and off out to celebrate tonight!

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count the bananas

Come on kids - it's easy!
How many bananas?

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who the **** is george waldo?

I've just rediscovered this amongst some old crap.
Many years ago when l was out and about in that there London, l met and had a few drinks with a guy (George Waldo) who later gave me his card so we could meet up again another time. Nothing dodgy went on - we just had a drink and a laugh, and being the kind of guy l am, l never got round to getting back in touch, but now, looking at the card, l am puzzled as to who the Hell he was / is.
I have absolutely no idea, and can't even remember what he looked like.
Looks important though.

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out and about - the strypes

More out and about that l'd forgotten about from last month - The Strypes at Newcastle University. A lads night out and a lot of fun it was. I drove there and a mate drove back, so it saved on a taxi or hotel this time.
The Strypes have really improved and matured as a band, and their stage show is entertaining and varied, but the sad thing is, how much bigger can they expect to get, unless they hit lucky with a song on a commercial or film / TV series to help promote them?
It's a shame, and they deserve to gain a wider audience. 
However, some might say they already have with us old farts going to see them

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out and about - beans on toast and skinny lister

Another night, another night out. This time with my sister, niece and Rocker to see Beans on Toast and Skinny Lister at Leeds University. My niece arranged it all, got the tickets, and drove there and back, so the rest of us just enjoyed ourselves (the odd lager may have been consumed).
Beans on Toast were first on, and superb. Both funny, political, and now and again, even romantic. I particularly enjoyed the addition of  a fiddle player (amongst others), as l'm a sucker for that kind of Bob Dylan 'Hurricane' sound, and Mr Beans (as l call him) certainly has a lot of charisma and a huge likeability factor. If he wasn't a musician, he could take up a new career in comedy.
As for Skinny Lister, they were really good, and are certainly lively and exiting to watch, but the vocals were lost in the mix and unless you already knew the songs, you had no idea what they were singing about, apart from the odd chorus or phrases, which spoilt it for us. Still, we all shared of their ale, and are probably just old fogeys (apart from my niece), so what the hell. 
An excellent farewell to my niece who has since headed down south again.

 My sister and niece can be seen in this, myself and Rocker watched this bit from the balcony

 We drank from this mighty jug of ale (rum l seem to remember)

 More merchandise, this time signed by Beans on Toast

 And here's Mr Beans himself, drawing me a picture on the back of it

 My entry stamp, surrounded by scratches off Mr parrot's sharp claws, from when he sits on my hand

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out and about - the killers

Another excellent night out, this time the day after the Left Lane Cruiser show (see Below), and an all day session and overnight stay for The Killers at Newcastle Arena with Robbo and the ladies.
We sorted our rooms at the Jury's Inn hotel, went for a drink and chat, then split up so the girls could go shopping (as they do). Myself and Robbo hit a couple of dodgy pubs (and a pretty empty Trillions).
When we met up again later, it was off to Jamie Oliver's restaurant for an evening meal (as usual - l had the lasagne), then back to the hotel to get changed, and out again for cocktails and the concert.
We had two lots of tickets, so myself and Robo took our seats, only to find they were quite a way back (and for over £60!!!). However, being the kind of lads we are, we just walked along the top corridor until we were close to the stage, and then cut in, and remained standing throughout the show, with a much improved view. I was even given free beer by a girl, which saved us having to go and get some, especially at the exorbitant price they were charging in the arena.
Met the ladies again, then more drinks and chat after the show, and finally back to the hotel.
A completely different show than the night before, and it is fascinating to see large crowds responding on mass, rather like a rally, but l much prefer seeing bands in smaller venues.
We all had a marvellous time throughout the day and night, but Kerry was certainly suffering the next morning and during the ride home (her driver duties had to be taken over).
What a lightweight!




Our view - more or less

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out and about - left lane cruiser

Myself and friends tend to just buy a few tickets for things we like, then get a selection of the lads who are interested or can get the time off work to come along with us. 
One such occasion was this - Left Lane Cruiser at The Cluny in Newcastle. 
We knew it would be a small venue and they sounded a bit like Seasick Steve, but it was much better than anticipated, and they may as well have been playing in my living room, they were that close to us (and loud).
I very rarely buy any merchandise these days, but to support them and their musical endeavours, l lashed out on an LP (which l later got signed by them) and a t-shirt. 
Top lads, top music, top night, and a hefty spend at the bars, as seen by my bank statement (and that's without the merchandise purchases!).

The video demonstrates what they were like, but doesn't catch the magic of being there. Go see them!

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out and about - the death of stalin

As myself and a friend thought that The Death of Stalin was only being shown in a few cinemas, we decided to have a drive down to Harrogate and watch it at The Everyman cinema there. The Everyman was expensive and posh, but it was a funny, fast paced film film, only partially ruined by a woman further back laughing hysterically at every joke or humorous situation. The film was good, but nothing could have been as funny as she found it. Our money was she was probably an ex student who had studied Russian politics, and wanted to let everyone know she understood every bit of wordplay or ridiculous scene more than the rest of us plebs.
Then again, myself and my friend are just cynical and bitter, so we could have misinterpreted it and were in the wrong.
Doubt it though.

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Sunday, 19 November 2017

orchestral removers / manoeuvres in the dark

Here's Andy McCluskey from Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, holding up a newspaper that has a punning headline referring to his band after a robbery in  a local music shop.
He was obviously amused.

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wes goodman talks crap

This is the sort of story you couldn't make up, and makes me think there may be a God after all. Wes Goodman, an Ohio senator, who has been preaching family values and voting against LGBT rights, has been caught having sex with a man in his office.
Superb! He's even let his own name down.
No wonder l'm so cynical.

More here.

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Saturday, 4 November 2017

bruce springsteen bargain box set

If you are a fan of Bruce Springsteen, as any person of sound mind should be, this CD collection is a box set motherload.
It arrived yesterday, and l've been ploughing through it today - 15 discs worth of 5 complete 1978 shows, which have all  been heavily bootlegged over the years, but now yours for a bargain £13.99!!!
I'm in Brooocie overload at the moment, as l have also nearly finished reading his 'Born to Run' autobiography.
Marvellous stuff!
Look here

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