Monday, 17 April 2017

apparently, my brother's not in leeds any more

Bloody Hell!!  I thought my brother lived in Leeds, but apparently l'm wrong, as Robert here seems to be the real deal.
It's like looking in  a mirror, with or without glasses.
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Sunday, 16 April 2017

a monster in paris (un monstre a paris) - sean lennon and vanessa paradis

I finally got round to watching the 'A Monster in Paris' animation film the other day, and loved this song by the giant flea ( Francoeur). The lyrics appealed to me the most, to the extent that l checked in the end credits to see who it was by, with the intention of downloading it.
As a  massive (in more ways than one) Beatles fan, you could have knocked me down with a feather (Clever Trevor) when l discovered it was by Sean Lennon, son of John.
Anyone who knows me will now be aware that l will have to dig out all of Sean's solo stuff that l have listened to briefly in the past and then stashed away, in case there are other undiscovered gems to be found.
It's a hard life being interested in everything (and time consuming).

Here's the song with lyrics

And here's the animation version

Also, Vanessa Paradis (as Lucille in the film) sings a pretty fine version of La Seine.
Here's the slow French version, which l, being a cool and trendy dude, prefer.

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donald trump and manchester united - plus gillan

Donald Trump.
He may be a privileged, monied, thinks he knows it all twat who gleans his knowledge of world events by watching crappy USA news feeds, talks of being an isolationist while bombing other countries, and may well increase the prospect of nuclear war and a return to Mutually Assured Destruction, but since he has been president, Manchester United have not lost in the league (Premiership to you modern hipsters), beating Chelsea 2-0 this afternoon.
So maybe his reign of bluff, blunder, backtracking and buffoonery may be worth it.
Swings and roundabouts brothers and sisters.

From where I stand
I see a blind man on a hill
From where I stand
I see the teacher in the valley
From where I stand
I see the blind man on a hill
And he is standing very still
The way it's planned
They'll only let the fools survive
The way it's planned
You would not want to stay alive
Just one big band
It's all they're leaving you to think about
From where I stand
I know just what they're planning
I know they're planning one big bang
And they call it Mutually Assured Destruction
From where I stand
I can see the mushrooms in the sky
From where I stand
I can watch the bleeding children cry
And they will die
And you have no wings to fly
From where I stand
I see the man on the hill
And he is standing very still

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marc aspland aintree photograph

It's taken me just over a week to get over not winning anything on the Grand National last weekend, but on a related note, here's a rather impressive Aintree photograph by Marc Aspland, at Beecher's Brook in the Foxhunters (whatever that is).
It's all about the focus and timing, something l will never achieve with my crappy camera.

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ricky gervais helping the nearly dead at easter (squirrel style)

Easter. The the time of the dead being resurrected, a tall tale l don't believe.
Instead, here's a feel good story along similar lines.
Ricky Gervais has posted some pictures of an injured squirrel, which he found and tended to, feeding it strawberries and nuts. The squirrel then decided he had made a friend, and nestled up in Ricky's hoodie. All on Easter Sunday. The feel good photos are below.
Now that's what l call a twitter feed (Boom Boom).

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Sunday, 26 March 2017

stephen collins' ed sheeran cartoon

From The Guardian.
Rather sadly, l can relate to this waaaaaay too much. And l used to be so hip.
Ah well - Time for my Ovaltine and off to bed to listen to The Cure (early years).

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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

a tiny donald trump

Want to see photo mockups of a tiny Donald Trump?
Here we go!
More can be found here (Where l got these ones from)

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nan and pauline are missing

From here

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Monday, 20 February 2017

german children are kinder than you

An excellent tweet by Mr Stanley

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a happy, windswept dog

I don't usually post pictures of cute animals, but l couldn't resist this one.

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spiders - avoid australia!

Some very sensible reasons why nobody in their right mind would go and visit Australia.

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Sunday, 19 February 2017

sasha and john hartson, plus john and nobby stiles

Two scary looking fellows you don't want to meet in a dark alley late at night.
It's Sasha, one of my mates who l've played football with on numerous times over the years, with John Hartson, after last weeks 'Gentlemans Evening' at Catterick / Colburn's 'Hanson Sport and Social Club' (or, as we still call it, 'The Arc'). A splendid evening for all, which also featured Nobby Stiles' son (John) in his role as compere and stand up comedian, and who was much, much better than l was expecting, although, as he said himself, nobody remembers him playing for Leeds United, it's always as Nobby's son.
Mind you, Nobby did play for Manchester United and England, and is one of the few English players to have won both the European Cup (in 1968) and World Cup (in 1966).
Sadly, Nobby has had dementia and very poor health for a while, as aging and illnesses are bastards, but l hope he and his family are not suffering.
Here's John and Nobby

And here's Nobby at a charity match in 1968, pre owning the 'Spud' look that was later used in Trainspotting. He may not look it from the photograph, but he was one mean, hard player.

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london - fulham broadway 1977 - and the clash

Fulham Broadway in that London, 1977. When life was grim, violent, apparently devoid of good taste in clothes, but without traffic congestion.
Luckily, punk had kicked off.
Here's The Clash's take on it.
Altogether now - "No Elvis Beatles or The Rolling Stones, in 1977".

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alan aldridge has died

It has just come to my attention via the Afterword site that Alan Aldridge has died.
For those of you that don't know, he was a much in demand illustrator, and has had his work featured on many books and records, probably the best known of which are for Elton John and The Beatles.
Here's a selection of his work that l currently own, in fact the Bob Dylan poster is framed, at the top of my stairs.
Aldridge also did a load of science fiction covers for Penguin books back in the day, that l used to have, but have since gone walkabouts.
I may have to start collecting them in the future, to go with the rest of my crap, as they just look so good.

And here's Alan Aldridge himself, supporting the Labour party in 1970, with a tiny Edward Heath in the palm of his hand (from Getty Images).

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little mix - touch (without the music)

Normally, the thought of listening to Little Mix at all would fill me with dread, let alone just the vocals without the music.
This however, is superb.

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Thursday, 9 February 2017

lookers have got competition!

I had to take in a car for an MOT in Northallerton, at Lookers VW garage. I didn't notice it when going in, but on leaving the building to pick up the vehicle, spotted the sign from the adjacent Snigwig garage, opposite the main entrance to Lookers, and had to admire their cheek (and take a picture).
Top advertising, and although it must annoy Lookers, l assume they can't have it removed, or they would have done so.
It certainly made me chuckle thinking about it on the journey back home.

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bruce gilden - faces

Some of New York street photographer Bruce Gilden's 'Faces' project.
Unsettling close ups of 'interesting' characters on the mean streets of the US of A, some of whom you certainly wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley.
More from his 'Faces', plus other projects, are here.
You want to look away from some of them, but find yourself being drawn in and studying them more.
Or maybe that's just me.

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sing along with jim dale and the museum song

Feeling like a sing song?
Try singing along to this classic from the Barnum soundtrack.
Jim Dale with The Museum Song
Words are below

Everything about my museum was spectacular, 
including the price: one dollar. 
Now that may seem a bit steep, but it was worth
it. Look at what I gave 'em:

Quite a lotta
Roman terra cotta
Livin' lava from the flanks of Etna
Ride a dromedary
See the Temple tumble and the Red Sea part.

McNamara's band
The fattest lady in the land
A pickled prehistoric hand
A strand of Pocahontas' hair
Crow and Sioux
Who're going to
Be showing you
Some rowing through
A model of the rapids on the Delaware.

Clever caterpillas
Reproductions of the Cyclops' ret'na
Crystal blowing
Automatic sewing
Venus on a shell and other works of art.

Educated fleas
A tribe of Aborigines
Two ladies joined across the knees
A Mona Lisa made of ice
We've gotten in
Forgotten spots
A cotton gin
A night with Lot in Sodom
Better see that twice!

One iguana
Snakes and other fauna
Got no bearded lady but we're get'na
When you duck out
Take another buck out
Run around the block And see a 
Run around the block and see a
Run around the block and see a
new show start.

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Thursday, 26 January 2017

stone roses out-takes from kevin cummins photoshoot, plus the hollow men

Some great unused photographs of The Stone Roses, taken by Kevin Cummins for the NME.
What a combination - a photographer at the top of his game, with the coolest band in years. No-one believes me nowadays, but l saw the Stone Roses at about the time the first album was getting released, at Leeds Warehouse with The Hollow Men (who were from Leeds) supporting. A great night.
You can find plenty of classic shots at Kevin's site. In the meantime, here's something to remember the early Stone Roses by - 'Fools Gold'.

Plus a bonus!  The Hollow Men - 'White Train'

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