Tuesday, 8 November 2016

status quo at cardiff in 1976 and their live ep, plus richie malone meeting rick parfitt.

A short interview with Rick Parfitt and the non speaking John Coghlan of Status Quo before they played Cardiff Castle in 1976.
It's funny to hear the interviewer make such a big thing of the fact Quo had been together for 14 years, which, as he says, "Is quite unusual", and wondering how they have managed to stay together for so long. The year before, Quo had even issued a live EP featuring 'Roll Over Lay Down', 'Gerdundula', and 'Junior's Wailing' to celebrate their 13th year together.
Obviously l took the day off school to go and buy it on the day of release, as l was wont to do with bands l liked.
How times have changed. That is like looking as far back as 2002 from now. There are absolutely loads of bands who have been together since then, and many, many more who have been together a lot longer.

Here's the EP

And here's Richie Malone, Rick's replacement (due to Rick's recent heart issues), meeting him at a soundcheck in 2008, and now living the dream.

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