Saturday, 12 November 2016

speeding course in northallerton

As my driving can sometimes exceed the speed limits, l've been busted again, and had to attend a speed awareness course at The Golden Lion hotel in Northallerton (yesterday). This meant that l would not got three points on my licence for speeding, and the cost was £85 rather than the alternative option of £100 plus the three points.
It was four hours out of my life that l will never get back, but at least it was a lot more interesting than l imagined it would be, and nowhere near as preachy or sanctimonious as l expected. Also, l got to finish work early so l could attend, so there were other plus points.
I was caught doing 36 miles an hour in a 30 mile an hour zone in Stockport at the start of September, hence the course, but the down side is, l was caught again, also doing 36 in a 30 area about a week later in Catterick, so l am going to have to pay a fine and get three points anyway.
You know who l blame (obviously none of this is my own fault).

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