Monday, 7 November 2016

bob gruen and his rock and roll history

Bob Gruen is a photographer from New York who has taken many, many iconic rock photographs, some you may well be familiar with already, such as the John Lennon 'I love New York' shot.
He was friends with The Lennons, and was access to many pivotal moments in rock history, documenting them with his camera and his skill as an artist himself. Oh to have been his assistant at that time........
Gruen also has some short programmes about the photographs and their history repeated on a regular basis on Sky Arts.
His website is here, plus l owe a great debt to Anthony Luke and his site, from where l nabbed these photographs, rather than searching the web myself (I'm a busy man). There are many examples to be found there.
Here's some of which l speak. If you don't know ho the people are in the photographs, you need to educate yourself.

And here's the (Now world famous) John Lennon shoot.

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