Saturday, 15 October 2016

okkervil river - john allyn smith sails and plus ones demo

Another favourite song from a few years ago. Okkervil River with John Allyn Smith sails. Will Sheff, the main man in the band is hugely undervalued by the general population, but certainly not in my neck of the woods. A band who should be a lot bigger, but rather sadly, l think it's because the album tracks and demos are better than the band live, and Will Sheff does not possess anything like the charisma and stage presence that a modern day rock star should, and he can't override that flaw by being amazingly good looking. He (to me at least), just comes across like a man who is grateful to be on the stage. Why not? You may ask, and there's nothing wrong with that (or him), but it does tend to hold you back if huge success is what you are after.
Anyway, l still love him. and this is a great song by anyones standards (or two songs, as it changes into a standard at 2.30).

And here's a demo of Plus Ones.

toodle pip

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