Thursday, 13 October 2016

bob dylan's nobel prize for literature, plus idiot wind, hurricane and it's alright ma (l'm only bleeding)

Although l do think that novels, poems and songs are different, l also think that Bob Dylan receiving the Nobel prize in literature today is well deserved, not just for the amount of outstanding and influential work he has produced, but for the amount of people around the world he would have turned on to lyrics, books, prose and poetry, as well as activism and political thought (including me). Some of Dylan's output, especially in the early years, was staggeringly good, and he sure knew how to construct strong images and stories with only a few words (and often many, many more). But (and there's always a but), as far as literature in book form goes, although entertaining, Tarantula was not exactly earth shattering, and his Chronicles autobiography has been shown to be pilfered or 'inspired by' old obscure sources in many places, with no credits being given. There's an excellent and informative article about the book and Dylan's apparent plagiarism here, but l'm more than forgiving as far as Dylan is concerned (hence my collection of his later works), so hearty congratulations to him.
Praise him now while he still alive - if anyone warrants it, he does, and l am just thankful that l saw him while he was still producing the goods live.

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