Saturday, 29 October 2016

l may be intelligent after all!

According to news in The Independent yesterday, people who are messy, swear a lot, and stay up late, are more likely to be intelligent.
There's hope for me yet,as l certainly have all three of those characteristics!

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the putin and trump sexy love in and jo jo gunne - run run run

It's a bad state of affairs when Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin could become the most powerful leaders in the world. An alternate future could also mean we are slowly heading towards a third world war.
Either way, the future's not looking too bright.
Photograph from here.

So to cheer everyone up, here's a catchy song from a few years ago.
Jo Jo Gunne with Run Run Run. I defy anyone to not like it.

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the kea parrot

This is a Kea Parrot. Looking a lot more magnificent and spectacular than the mangy, bad tempered little bugger l have in my house.
There are going to be some strong words with him to get his act together and produce some goods, otherwise he may be replaced #.

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# Only joking - l love the little git!

sky bet

Todays predictions!

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Monday, 24 October 2016

the edge supports mencap (again)

The Edge (From U2) seems to be an all round decent bloke, who has always supported Mencap causes.
Here is is again, promoting the latest Mencap campaign that launched on Friday - 'Here I Am'.
For more information about the campaign, visit here.

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strange japanese poster

I'm pretty sure l have put this up before, but if so, it's still worth repeating.
A very strange Japanese (I'm guessing) poster. As for what is being advertised, who on earth knows (unless you can read the script underneath).
If it's for a show, l bet it was pretty unusual and 'challenging', but l would still be interested in seeing it.

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the clintons discuss dylan

Bill and Hilary Clinton discuss the presidency and Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize for literature (not)

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jose mourinho works out what's wrong

Jose Mourinho and his team try to work out what is going wrong at Manchester United, after the other recent managers have all failed.
I wish they'd get a bleeding move on, because it is crap at the moment.

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paul gambaccini shows how to get old

I think l am turning into Paul Gambaccini, or at least l'd like to, judging by how his home life appears to be.
If l could keep all of my comics and books, retain the parrot, but have all of the music he owns, plus the larger house, organisational aspect (and probably a cleaner), l think my sexual persuasion could be changed.
I'm not wearing the pink jumper though.

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the sex pistols - anarchy in the uk - yawn!

Myself and a friend of mine (Stevie Boy / Tarren / Kitten), used to say 'Yawn' on an extremely regular basis whenever something was a bit boring, which to us, was on numerous occasions.
Yes - we could be annoying, but both loveable little rascals at the time, or at least we have convinced ourselves we were.
It is still used now and again, but l didn't realise we may have inadvertantly got it from here, because we can't remember how we started using it.
A review in National Rockstar on 4th December 1976 of The Sex Pistols first single - Anarchy in the UK.

And here is that ground breaking single, the first of a few excellent releases from them.
I'll have to try and dig my Sex Pistols singles out, but l've got a hunch that my brother buggered off to Leeds with them.

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surprised by the exorcist

I haven't started watching the new TV series of The Exorcist yet, as l'm recording them with a view to watching them all in one sitting. I did however, watch the film version of The Exorcist again recently, and saw something that surprised me - a demonic face appearing for a split second behind Chris MacNeil (Ellen Burstyn). I've seen the film on many an occasion, got the video, DVD, and expanded DVD (with scary extras), but have never noticed this before.
I guess l must have been distracted during my other viewings, drunk, or hiding with terror behind the settee.
Either that or l need my eyes testing.

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Sunday, 23 October 2016

lost rolling stones record cover from 1969

I got this from Andrew 'Loog' Oldham's twitter account. He was the (very cool yet annoying to the establishment) manager of  The Rolling Stones back in the 1960's, and this, according to him, is the cover from an unfinished lost album project in 1969.

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Saturday, 22 October 2016

empire of the sun - two vines and pink floyd - wot's uh the deal

Freaky psychedelic electronic rock alert! Here's Empire of the Sun's newie, 'Two Vines', from their album of the same name. Marvellous.
Pass the drugs (but don't touch the brown acid).

And on a related note, here's an 'Obscured by Clouds' Pink Floyd track, the largely ignored (but great song) Wot's...Uh the Deal. I would say it would be a great song to cover on solo acoustic guitar, but plenty of people have already had that idea on youtube.

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women's shoes that are pretty 'out there'

Women's shoes that are cool and trendy, mad, ingenious, or just plain stupid. You decide.
Lots more are here.

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a classic freddie mercury tattoo

Watching part of Tattoo Fixers last night, l was reminded of this. A classic tattoo of Queen's Freddie Mercury.
He must be so proud (in the afterlife).

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charlie watts is a happy man!

This makes a change as far as Rolling Stones photographs go. The band are looking sullen, while the notoriously dry witted and gloomy facaded Charlie Watts is actually smiling.
I wonder how long it took the photographer (unknown to me) to persuade them to do this shot.

And here's the classic response from Charlie about what it's like working with The Stones

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oliver reed's drinking advice

Because l've been reading a lot recently, plus listening to music and watching films and box sets, I've actually not been drinking that much, (not a drop for the last 13 days at the moment), but when l do, l can certainly relate to this advice from Oliver Reed.

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billy bremner's son has taste

Billy Bremner of Dirty Leeds United must have been really proud of his sons bedroom decoration. An extremely large poster of Manchester United's George Best.
Good lad.

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bastille - good grief and wet wet wet - wishing l was lucky

I love the Bastille song 'Good Grief' (see, l don't just listen to old stuff), but every time l hear it l want to sing Wet Wet Wet's 'Wishing l was Lucky' to parts of it. Is it only me that can hear some similarities?
It must be the stress of listening to recent records, and trying to keep up with the kids.
I need a lie down and a cup of Horlicks (and lots of medication).

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johnny burton - pole vault man

The song that Oasis should have covered, as it sounds just like them, only years ahead of it's time.
Johnny Burton - Pole Vault Man from 1972

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todays football bet

Today's results (hopefully) 

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edible pizza box

The Americans are always so much ahead of us when it comes to stuffing your face with classy food.
Now they have a Pizza box that's actually made out of pizza, and therefore edible as well!
They advertise 'No Waste', but l wouldn't like to be the one cleaning their toilet bowls the next day.
Those crazy yanks etc...

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Friday, 21 October 2016

tom jones - detroit city

Although this is a shameless attempt to re-create the success of his 'Green Green Grass of Home' hit, with it's theme of returning home, it's spoken interlude and melancholy mood, but it's actually a pretty good song in isolation.
Tom Jones with 'Detroit City'.

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will young - masterbation record holder

I can't say l'm much of a fan of Will Young's music, but he's gone up in my estimation with the straight faced way he answered the question of what world record he would like to break (on daytime TV).
"The amount of times l can mastebate in a day" - six is his record apparently.
The presenter looks pretty unsure of how to proceed, while Geri Halliwell just cracks up completely.
Splendid stuff, and something to aim for (ffnnaaarr).
From here.

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Thursday, 20 October 2016

the schrodinger's immigrant

While l am prepared to admit that some of the 'youngsters' admitted into the UK yesterday looked older than 18, l think the underlying fear is this. The Schrodinger's Immigrant.

If you don't know what the above is based upon, (Schrodinger wise) check out this.

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a rabbit spreads some joy

C'mon kids!!! Everybody loves rabbits!!!

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a waterlogged pitch at dundee, and cheap prices at football games

This is good old fashioned football, despite the weather!
Dundee's Den's Park in 1936.

On a related note, here's some kids queuing to get into games (without tickets in advance) for 20p and 35p, not so very long ago. The 35p turnstile is at Liverpool.
There's not a chance in hell they could do that now, as the kids and working classes are being priced out (if they already haven't been).

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george and dhani harrison's symmetrical faces, and what is life

George Harrison and his son Danni's symmetrical faces.
At first glance they look identical, but you then notice the many differences, and not just with the youthful skin of Dhani's.

And here's a song by George - 'What is Life'.

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spanking machines

I've got a friend who may be interested in buying one of these. Designs (or ideas) for Spanking Machines, from the 1930's and 1940's.

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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

the wipers times

The Wipers Times was a satirical newspaper that was produced by troops of The Sherwood Foresters at Ypres Salient during the First World War between 1916 and 1918, mainly to take the piss out of officers and each other, and featured spoof adverts. There's a pretty good (albeit very English TV movie about it), and there is also a hardback book, gathering copies of it together. 
Considering that it was produced using found or 'liberated' equipment and materials, and the conditions it was made under, it's a work of stubborn genius.
Here's a copy.

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