Tuesday, 6 September 2016

two funerals - bruce and kellie, plus a death sweepstake

On my two days off work last week, l went to two funerals.
Living the dream.

First off last Tuesday was Bruce Clark, a lad l knew from going to concerts and hanging around with many years ago. He died suddenly at Rosedale nursing home after a short illness, and did not want a religious ceremony, so was cremated at Darlington with little fuss, a good speech by Raz, an easy going vicar, and drinks at The Hildyard Arms and White shops afterwards. Also, his coffin was taken into the crematorium to the sound of Black Sabbath's 'Paranoid', and was sent to be cremated to the sound of Motorhead's 'Killed by Death'. Fine choices by Bruce, and certainly something different.
Here's one of the few photos l have of him. From many years ago at The Travaux club in Catterick. A tasty looking crew indeed, with Bruce the large fellow in the white shirt. There's also a photograph of me butt naked in The Hildyard Arms with Bruce pointing a dart at me (a mad night), but luckily for you lot, l don't know where it has been stashed.

On Friday, it was Kellie Kean's funeral at a packed Hipswell church. I know her family, and knew her mainly from drinking in The Wine Bar (Hunter's) at Catterick, and although she had been having seizures for years, it was still a shock when one killed her, as she was only 38 and so full of life. Her daughter Kennedy had just given birth to Kellie's grandaughter, so that made it even more emotional and sad. Don't know how her brother Gareth managed to read his poem about her between his sobbing, but he did so. Drinks at The Arc (Hanson club) afterwards, then back to The Wine Bar.

Some may deem it in bad taste, but after Bruce's funeral, we talked of starting a sweepstake amongst myself and male mates, as to who would be next to visit the reaper. We are going to get a few of us who are roughly the same age, and all place some money with a safekeeping person for the winner. Here's the drunken starter list from that night.

That's it - off to check my insurance, and cut their brake pipes.

toodle pip

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