Monday, 5 September 2016

training myself - a music video a day - she said she said - black keys, the beatles and lone star

Hurrah! I'm back again!.

As l've seriously got out of the habit of trying to post every day, and do some work in the house as well, l am going to train myself.
This will involve me putting up at least one music video a day, sometimes with comments about it and related videos to it, which will help me back into the habit of posting other stuff as well. The videos will be mostly random, taken from that days listening on my ipod or record player, and if from the ipod, may be something that has been thrown at me while it was playing on shuffle mode. As for how long they stay up for, that is not really in  my hands. Some stay up for years, others are taken down pretty quickly.

If you want to convert and download any of these videos into mp3 etc so you put them on your own ipod or listening device, l use this or this to covert ones l am interested in.

So, as a starter, from last night's ipod listening.....

The Black Keys - 'She Said She Said'

This is a cover of a Beatles song on their Revolver album, and I've also got a rocking version on a Lone Star lp, which l like a lot as it reminds me of seeing them live many years ago, which was the first time l had heard the song. I said to someone next to me in the crowd that the song was great, and he told me it was a Beatles track, which shows how little l knew of The Beatles at the time. I won't bother putting up the Beatles version, as 'their people' are pretty strict with copyrights.

And thinking about Lone Star, here's my favourite of theirs - 'Flying in the Reel' on the John Peel show (before Peel went punk). A better version (to me at least) than on their first lp.

toodle pip

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