Friday, 9 September 2016

the recent work cardiff trip

A couple of weeks ago l went away to Cardiff with work for a few days. I'd been to Cardiff (and other parts of Wales) a few times over the years, but all of my previous trips involved travelling, drinking, concerts and nightclubs, so the old memories of the trips can be a bit of a blur. This time however, l went exploring, and, for a change, not just to pubs. Ticked off The Doctor Who Experience (sounds like a 60's band), The Millennium Stadium Tour, and a look around Cardiff Castle, as well as other places such as Spillers records and around the river Taff.
Most enjoyable, and l'd certainly return to Cardiff again. A great place, even if it did take eight and a half hours driving back due to traffic jams and accidents (and only five hours getting there).
Here's a load of evidence


Plus here's my detailed state of the art directions of how to get there.

Luckily l've got a brain like a homing pigeon.

toodle pip

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