Monday, 19 September 2016

the new york bombings, plus prince buster - madness

As I've been out and about the last few days, l didn't know anything about the recent bombings in New York until this evening. I will also admit that l am making a judgement and jumping to conclusions without any great knowledge of the events, but l would like to suggest that any suspected bomber such as Ahmad Khan Rahami that falls asleep in a doorway of a pub / tavern afterwards, rather than going into hiding, is not part of an organised and well drilled terror organisation, no matter what the captured individual or credit seeking organisation may subsequently claim. More like a lone (or small group of) disenfranchised and radicalised person (or persons) with an skewed take on religion and the (in their view) imperialistic war mongering west.
Then again, what do l know?

Here's todays video. The recently departed Prince Buster - 'Madness'

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