Wednesday, 28 September 2016

the new bob dylan live 1966 box set, and neil innes - protest song - plus hancock and oasis!

Well l have a pretty good idea what l will be listening to over this Christmas - the new Bob Dylan box set of the 1966 tour. A mere 36 discs. I've already got the bootleg box set of Dylan's Genuine Live 1966, which is a mere 8 cds, so, rather sadly, l am really looking forward to this.

Here's the bootleg version l already have (not my copy)

And here's the new official version

All of this after the massive Cutting Edge box set last year.
I really need to get a life.

In the meantime- here's a protest song by Neil Innes, live on Rutland Weekend Television. The man who was plagiarised by Oasis. Check out 'How Sweet To Be An Idiot' by Innes, and compare it to Oasis' 'Whatever'.
I rest my case your honour "Did Magna Carta die in vain" etc...

toodle pip

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