Tuesday, 20 September 2016

primal scream and james at on roundhay, leeds, plus del amitri -don't l look like the kind of guy you used to hate

Had a rather excellent time with Robbo at the weekend, down in that there dirty Leeds. We drove and parked at my brothers house in Beeston, then walked to The Tommy Wass around the corner, where we met and chatted with a couple of characters (Rob and Cat), had a couple of games of pool, and quaffed a couple of throthing ales. Taxi ordered afterwards into town, where more pints were consumed in various alehouses of ill repute, a cool looking old man was asked his age (he was nearly 65), and l asked to be served by a different barman when l entered one of the pubs and went to the counter to be served  (as he was wearing a Liverpool football shirt). Oh what fun we had. Another taxi to Roundhay park, with Robbo arguing about battered husbands with the taxi driver all the way there, and then a miserable attempt at getting in for free, before we crumbled and reluctantly coughed up the dosh. Lots more rounds (but of a more expensive nature) were purchased, in between watching the bands and chatting to various other fans. We managed to get really close to the front, and both thought Primal Scream were a lot better than James, but some others disagreed with us after it had finished (however - we were obviously right). On the way out, we got befriended by a bunch of lads from Dewsbury and Selby who wanted to buy us drinks in the nearest pub, but by the time we got there (stopping for the odd sing song on the way) the pub had just stopped serving, so they buggered off to phone for their lift home, and we, as seasoned alcoholics, walked to the next nearest pub. On the way, we were befriended by some other lads from Leeds, and drinks were purchased for us on arrival, with more songs and chatter continued outside it while drinking. Taxi afterwards back to Beeston for Robbo's customary late night takeaway (dropping off one of the lads on the way), then another taxi to my brothers to eat it. A quick chat with my brother while eating, then off to bed we went. If you're wondering, we managed (as usual) to share a double bed, due to my brothers daughter staying at her boyfriends that evening. I'm amazed she agreed to let us use her room, but it was much appreciated, despite Robbo's snoring.
Sausage sandwich in the morning (Ooeeerrr!), a chat and a drink with my brother and his wife, then back home to watch my recording of the Manchester United v Watford game. A rather damp squib to finish with. But that's another story.

 My one and only picture inside the venue, just as we arrived
 The dodgy looking dark woods we headed through with Leeds scallies afterwards, towards the nearest boozer. We thought we may well be robbed and buggered by them, but sadly, nothing happened.
Damn!!! Had to pay!!
 The only taxi firm we used all day - an excellent and prompt service, despite the hassle the taxi drivers had to suffer from us

 Beer mat from the pub as a momento (because l'm a sad bastard)
 Suppliers of our takeaway at the end of the night 
Given one of these and photographed by Lumineers promotional people on the way out. On their website maybe? 

And a song by James that l haven't heard for ages till they played it, but love. 'Come Home', with the splendid and bitter lyric "After all these years, l've become my peers, l've become the kind of man l've always hated".

Which reminds me of this song. Del Amitri's 'Don't I Look Like The Kind Of Guy You Used To Hate'. Not just for the similar sentiment in the title, but also the lyric "And these tiny symbols of success, like my black chauffeurs forced friendliness, are less the spoils of spiritual wealth, then symptoms of distress".
Another reflective and bitter song, hidden away on one of their 'b' sides (in old money).
By jingo - l know my music!

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