Thursday, 8 September 2016

ossie ardiles - white, blue and white, and the centenary fa cup final, plus england v west germany, 1972

I've been watching the documentary on Osvaldo (Ossie) Ardiles today - 'White, Blue and White' by ESPN, and rather enjoyable it was as well, especially when they had the (unexpected to me) crash in the Falklands.
As l'm a sad pedantic stickler for details when it comes to such things, it really annoyed me that they kept referring to the 1981 FA Cup Final between Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City (Ciddy) as 'The Centenary one'. It may well have been the 100th cup final in the competition, as it was interrupted twice for the World Wars, but what was billed of at the time, and what was known as the centenary final, was the 1972 final between Leeds United (dirty Leeds) and Arsenal.
Here's the programme for the (Centenary) 1972 final.

Plus, while l was searching for my copy of the programme, l also came across the advert for the programme, on the back of my 1972 England v West Germany programme.

I know l really need to get a life, but these things are important!.

Oh, and if you're wondering about the England game, don't be surprised to learn that they were overrun by the Germans, humiliatingly beaten 1-3, a triumph orchestrated by the magnificent Gunter Netzer, after everyone beforehand had given the Germans no chance. The Germans had a young and mostly inexperienced team out, also had two good penalty shouts not awarded, and so much was expected from England.
Times haven't changed since then.

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