Tuesday, 27 September 2016

luna has entered the world, and simon and garfunkel - patterns

 To demonstrate how time is flying by, one of my sisters girls (Kelly) has just given birth to her first baby, who her and her partner Jamie have named Luna.
Bloody hippies.
It only seems like yesterday since Kelly herself was this size.
Coincidentally, Luna (La Lune) was also one of the first words l spoke when l was a baby, as l grew up listening to French (it's the moon) as well as English.
There are patterns everywhere if you look long enough. Just don't get started on Dendritic flow systems, Hexagons, Earthquake aftershocks related to crime etc, or you will never leave the internet, as l have found to my cost.

Thinking of Patterns - Here's Simon and Garfunkel, with their take on them.

toodle pip

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