Tuesday, 27 September 2016

frank - the movie

I haven't posted about movies or books for a while, but one of the recent films l enjoyed was the 2014 one by Lenny Abrahamson - 'Frank', which was loosely based on Frank Sidebottom and other outsider artists such as Roky Erickson, Syd Barrett etc.
It's never going to be one of my top ten movies of all time, but Michael Fassbender was superb in the title role, despite wearing the Frank head for most of the scenes, and the story itself was strangely riveting, at least to my warped sensibilities.
What l really loved though, was the music, of which, there follows a couple of examples.
Very weird, yet catchy and (in the last case) very moving. You will have to watch the film first to get the full emotional impact.
The first clip is from when the newbie to the group (Domhnall Gleeson), first meets and goes on stage with them (at their managers request).

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