Friday, 9 September 2016

a video a day - crispian st peters - the pied piper and you were on my mind

Today's videos

Two singles l recently purchased, both by Crispian St Peters.

'You Were On My Mind' is one of my all time favourite songs, and l like 'The Pied Piper' as well, just no where near as much (but it was going cheap!).

On a related note, going to Hamelin (Hameln) to see The Pied Piper statue was one of the very few times we had a family trip out, so l also relate the song to that. When l was about 10 years old and had a broken arm.
I also learnt the poem by Robert Browning years ago ('Rats as big as cats'), but l've forgotten most of it now (from his Dramatic Lyrics book). Old age and senility probably has a lot to do with that, alongside all the other crap l try to fill my head with.

If you want to convert and download any of these videos into mp3 etc so you put them on your own ipod or listening device, l use this or this to covert ones l am interested in.

toodle pip

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