Sunday, 11 September 2016

a video a day - apples in stereo - energy and can you feel it

I've been a long time lover of these two songs, 'Energy' and 'Can You Feel It'?, both by Apples in Stereo. In the USA they often don't seem too bothered about what a band looks like, at least to us English. Bald, overweight or with glasses, it doesn't appear to affect a groups chances of success in the USA as much as it would do over these waters. Being heavily bearded has recently become fashionable everywhere, but generally, groups (or at least the singers) need to look good, and project a cool identifiable image. This usually means that if it's a man singing, blokes want to be his mate, and women (or gays) fancy him, and vice versa with a female frontperson. Rather sadly for The Apples in Stereo, it may be one of the factors in them not becoming too successful in the UK.
They still knocked out some great records in the power pop / psychedelic oeuvre, which appeal to my sensibilities a lot, so enjoy!.

If you want to convert and download any of these videos into mp3 etc so you put them on your own ipod or listening device, l use this or this to covert ones l am interested in.

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